Saturday, April 21, 2007


Yesterday I turned 18 and I had some friends over. :D We napped on the grass, bus-ed to my house, walked, played in the playground, sang, had a mini water gun fight, snacked, had dinner and cake, etc. and had an all around great time. The weather was especially nice too!

Pictures: (1) A picture I drew in my agenda (2) My Gelato Cake (3) IceCream Cake I had at school on Thursday for myself and two other friends who have birthdays within the same week (4) Presents from friends!

I have a Ukulele now! hehe. That should be fun and hopefully it will make me somewhat more musical since the only thing I can soundly play are straws. And I can't believe I got both Wendling books and Chris Sander's Sketchbook. :) Super awesome.

Annnd since I haven't posted art in such a long time... here is the inside cover of my sketchbook. It was started in January, I've been lazy and have been adding to it extremely slowly. Actually, I've been lazy with my sketchbook in general, I still have 17 pages left to fill. :\

Monday, April 16, 2007


It's mid April!
Birthday in 4 days.

I've been slaving away on the school yearbook the last couple of weeks, but it's coming to an end tomorrow. Thankfully.

So the funny thing is, I got a letter back from Sheridan with my portfolio scores. Annnd I totally butchered one of the assignments. Basically, I was rejected from Sheridan animation. Haha.