Sunday, July 08, 2007

Last Year

So a year ago today I had the opportunity of meeting some of the most fantastical people ever...

It's been a YEAR since CSSSA!
So this will be a massive photo post consisting of a fraction of the photos I took. (I'll upload more elsewhere later) I think it's about time I shared them anyway. :)

At Venice Beach:

On the bus to the Getty:

At the Getty:

I like how all 4 of us managed to fit in along with the lunch bag.

How I miss the Pringles Monster!

And in a month it'll have been a year since I last saw you guys! Way overdue for a reunion.

Though I will be in California (San Francisco & LA at the beginning of August...!) and of course in September hehe.

OH! and it's SUMMER! :) And for some reason I'm suddenly really into cooking and baking. (Ratatouille inspired?! haha) I need to be drawing though, but time has been spent mostly on cleaning. My room's in a horrid state and I need to reduce the amount of my possessions before I leave in September.


amelia said...

I've looked at this like five times now. YAAAAAYYYY

Cindey said...

guess I should upload my other photos somewhere soon too.
and I still need to reply to your email! I've been busy house/room cleaning though ughh.

jeff said...

Oh the memories.

brigette b said...

Maaannn...I miss CSSSA too! I would have done it again this year if I could! You guys were awesome and you just keep getting better.

Go CSSSA kids go!