Friday, August 25, 2006

Coming to the end of Summer & Mister Goat!

Sometime last week I went to UBC for the four day yearbook camp since I'll be editor this upcoming school year. Let me tell you ... I had a terrible time. Especially since it was after csssa! It was good only because it made me sort of get into the whole yearbook making mood, it refreshed my memory on the subject, and it made me want to go home a lot. So it was this pretty low point in the summer but I think it balanced things out quite nicely. So I'm pretty normal now. I think.

I started working again starting last week at the PNE and will be until school starts. This is my second year working there... and it's been slightly better than the first- which is somewhat comforting. I think it takes some real good will power to be able to work somewhere where commuting by bus requires an ample amount of time (1 hour), forces you to pass through a pretty rough area of the city, and sometimes you only work an hour more than the total time it takes to commute to and from work. I guess what is motivating me right now is the fact that the money I earn, although not much- could go towards something fun. For example- cool art books (Claire Wendling's Drawers 2.0!? *drool* Flight...Afterworks...etc.), supplies, or maybe even... a plane ticket?

So there are two books that I'm supposed to read for Literature 12... Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight translated by James Winny. I went through A LOT to get Sir Gawain since it pretty much does not exist in stores or online in Canada. Pretty much. Pretty much I went to Barnes and Noble in Bellingham Washington and placed an order there. (Since this book doesn't seem to exist in stores in the states either) And then I picked it up when it arrived. And now... school is starting in 9 days and I sort of have to read those books. Oh dear. I've already read Beowulf, but it's been far too long so I really need to refresh my memory. And I'm also thinking of dropping History 12... hum.

And now some art. Old art though because I'm too lazy to set up my new scanner or to take pictures with my camera.

This is Mister Goat. A clay project I did for art class in grade 9. To this day I still think he is very cool. Infact, I think I should try drawin ghim again. I liked him so much then that I even drew a picture of him a few months later that same year.

Tomorrow is a very special day! And I will make ANOTHER post tomorrow just to mark the occassion. :D


jackie de Leon said...

wooo!! your theme park place looks CRAZYYYY. im going to my theme park place tomorrow! instead of uhmeeleeeyuhhhs birthday picnic thing -cries- :(
yearbook camp sounds like fun.
you said grade9!! its 9th grade! hahah. i looove your goat! you should make a uni duck :D and a uni llama! hahah :) i miss youuuu

Andrew Shek said...

thats a nice goat sculpture, cool design