Thursday, August 03, 2006

CSSSA is ending

CSSSA is wrapping up and in two/three days it'll be over. Exciting things recently include the completion of the final project which was to create a 30 to 45 second animated film and the visit from Sanjay Patel! July 31st was a good day... which included all of the above and free ice cream from the visual arts department.

I never ended up adding sound to my animation... but oh well- perhaps I could add it on in the future.

Our Pixelation project was... interesting. Atleast I did get a good part in it! (The picture is the outline of my body) It was very strange to have people walk up every couple of seconds to dump leaves near me... especially when I was lying down- it was an experience on its own, really.

Amelia has turned into a Shark. Or maybe Jason the Shark has turned into Amelia.

Some more Janno Poldma's "Birthday" inspired work- pencil and watercolours on a postcard.

Amelia and I are really duelling it out with straw antlers. And I have "curly swirly" hair on this particular day. funfunfun.

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