Thursday, October 26, 2006

DC's pictures and Body Worlds

DC (Duck-Chick) has some pictures for his girlfriend... AMELIA.

As you can see he is rather upset that Amelia is not sitting across from him to enjoy these little cakes with him. So below are some more pictures of DC with his guitar, sitting on a wooden Emily Carr Institute Pencil, and just being himself.
I did end up going to see the Body Worlds 3 Exhibit at Science World and did a bit of drawing. They made me sign a contract-ish form stating that I would not make profit from the work I did... me profit? No way!

Here's a spread!
It was a rather interesting exhibit and I did buy a few postcards (for some reason they look kind of scary now) and I am eternally thankful to one of my friends that actually went through the whole exhibit with me and put up with my constant and slow drawing. (Everyone else just zipped right through it)

One highlight is the spleen that was enlarged due to leukemia. Its weight increased from 80-120 grams to 22 pounds. wow.

I've been going to a life drawing class on wednesday nights for four weeks now (still have four more left) and am really needing to stop skipping drop-in life drawing sessions on fridays and weekends because time is running out! I am going to apply to CalArts. I will... just to see. just to try. just to take action for a dream. The question right now is... am I going to have enough work that is good enough by the time I need to submit it? (I've decided to skip the early deadline and just send it in two weeks before the actual deadline) Ahhhhhh. School is definitely not helping because I have a history term exam in a few weeks, an english project, and and... just a lot. :(

I'll make another post soon since I recently took pictures of some artwork.


amelia said...

WOw Cindey, these drawings look fantastic! That exhibit actually came by here, but I didn't get to it (or was I too creeped out?). Thanks so much for the pictures of Duck Chick, that really made my day. Maybe I can convince Jason to pose for a few sometime soon too...
I got my DVD today! You should be getting it soon. It's the same dvd we watched at the Bijou on the last day, nothing else on it, but thats ok! I saw your amazing UNI film! And I saw me, rolling off the bench, and I saw the fingernail polish, and I saw Randy too! Yay!
Can't wait to see some figure ("figr") drawings. Have a lovely weekend!

PaulSketch said...

these photos are so cute! Haa the first one is my favorite :D

My senior firends are all flipping out about portfolios too, just to let you know that your not alone. Everyone claims they havn't done any work/ won't have enough but im sure they do (you too!)