Friday, March 23, 2007


Long overdue post!

Jenessa got accepted!
Congratulations to her, Jeff, and everyone else that has recieved the good news! I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting and growing increasingly anxious and scared.

So I got another FedEx package and it's from CCA again- turns out I got the Creative Achievement Award (though one of many I'm sure). They gave me a 4 year $32,000 scholarship; so $8,000 a year. Why does it feel like CCA is treating me so much better than CalArts and yet everything I do I'm doing for CalArts. What an abusive relationship. :(

Spring Break is coming to an end... sigh!


amelia said...

I'm waiting too! :(
CCA seems like a pretty awesome school to me, especially if you earned a $32,000 scholarship!! Good for you!!!
A week off is not enough for spring break. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know when you get your response :)

jackie said...

i miss you! why didnt i know you were applying to calarts!?
im thinking about going to cca haha. go online!