Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Here is a bookmark I made today for the public library's bookmark contest. It looks almost identical to my sketchbook inside cover.

It's supposed to be a representation of the theme "Teens & Libraries"- but for some reason I think I totally missed it. I definitely had other ideas going in my head because the only way this is could possibly be library related is because of the text and the fact that the birdy is holding onto a book. Not quite sure about the teen part... They'll probably think this looks too childish and crazy which means I won't win. So much for the $250! It was fun doing this though.

My grad photos order was messed up! They replaced a photo I ordered with one I didn't order. It just so happened to be one that I ordered the most of and now they want me to go to the studio and fix it up. Being the type of person I am... I'll probably be exceptionally nice (without meaning to) when sorting this situation out. SOMETIMES I wish I could be one of those people that are so good at complaining.


amelia said...

Humm...i thought i left a comment earlier, but my screen's not showing it. So here's another comment! Woo hoo! I love that bookmark! I would use it!

Cindey said...


PaulSketch said...

haaa! THis is so cute, I hope you win!! Maybe the fact that it was made by a teen, they'll take it

Cindey said...

thanks paul :)