Sunday, November 26, 2006

let is snow, let it snow, let it snow

It started snowing Saturday afternoon!!!

We were plagued with crazy rainfall the previous week and a half resulting in high water turbidity levels. (This led to a health advisory notice telling everyone to stop drinking tap water... which actually resulted in mad dashes and long lineups at for example- Costcos for the purchase of bottled water. Apparently it got quite aggressive at some places.) But nooow it appears that instead of rain, we are getting snow!

I love snow for many reasons, but I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment. It is such a hassle when you have to get to places. Also, there's the possibility that there may be a school closure. This rarely happens in Vancouver, but it's definitely snowing a lot this time. Normally I'm praying for no school, but this year, it's like I can't miss school! We have a yearbook deadline to meet, I have a couple of tests to take, and- many other things!

This past school week was pretty intense though! I was very relieved to have finished and presented my History project on Hitler Youth (my group got 23/25), completed my English terminology test, wrote my compare and contrast in-class essay for English, and completed my 3 hour history exam! The history exam definitely did not go all too well because I crammed everything the night before until 3-something AM as well as the fact that I didn't prepare for the essay questions. What I wrote for the two short answer questions were pretty good, what I wrote for the evidence questions was mediocre, and what I wrote for the essay was terrible. Ironically, the essay is worth the most and the short answers the least. Atleast it's over now!

National Portfolio Day is on December 2nd- this upcoming Saturday. I'll put something together... I need to do more personal work, everything I have right now consists mostly of life drawings.

I wanted to go outside and take some pictures in the snow, but it was too dark by the time I was able to... I did take some pictures of Duck-Chick though! :)

And about them... Duck-Chick aka D-C is fashioning a scarf and some converse shoes! (they belong to my pullip dolls- I never mentioned my dolls ever so I suppose I'll make a post about them next time) one of the pictures illustrates how thick the snow has become in 24 hours!


amelia said...

WOOOW!! I want it to snow here! D-C looks so awesome in those sneakers!! Today was a heavy-weather day as well, but it was just pouring rain, nothing as exciting as snow. Are you putting together a portfolio for CalArts to send off next week? I know I'm going crazy getting everything together at the last minute...!
And man! You work too hard at that school!

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PaulSketch said...

wow I'm so jelous! I NEED snow! and your duck is amazing, very htoughtful of you to dress it warmly with the scarf

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jeff said...


Gerald said...

Good thing Duck-Chick has a scarf! Wow, it's really coming down with snow. Stay warm :)

Jason Cindey's Boyfriend said...

Update your blog, my girlfriend!

Cindey said...